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KTN has sacked one of its key news editors for allegedly absconding duty. The news and video editor who was last week scheduled to prepare the one o-clock news, arrived 30 minutes late after travelling from his home village in Seme.

Aaron asked Rita Tinina to prepare for him the one o-clock bulletin but he still arrived late finding the news already prepared and read. That drew the ire of the HR boss who immediately called him to her office and reprimanded him. On reporting for work the next week, Aaron found a letter dismissing him.

Aaron believe that the sack was forthcoming as the station seeks to rid itself of people thought to be from Raila’s ethnicity. Funnily, KTN boss Joe Ageyo is believed to be one of the people who recommended Aaron’s sacking as he try so hard to endear himself to State House.

Meanwhile, the Kenyatta family is said to be in the process of acquiring the stake held by President Moi and his son, Gideon Moi. The merged shareholding of Moi and his son were suppose to be sold to Joshua Kuei on first priority but this clause in the ownership has been ignored as the Kenyatta family seek to have a hold of a strong independent media house.

The buyout is said to be nearing completion.

The Kenyatta family also owns Mediamax which runs the K24 TV, various radio stations and The People daily. By acquiring majority shareholding in Standard Group, the family of President Uhuru Kenyatta has effectively returned the first independent media house under de facto state control and management. Of late even K24 has been more independent and factual in its reporting than KTN and Standard Newspaper.

  • PGait

    There is no such a word as funnily

    • Mike Serengu

      And there is such a name as PGait? Boss, take some language lessons. Every language is versatile except Latin. You need to widen your scope. Too narrow minded

      • Mike Serengu

        See the official definition of “funnily”

        • PGait

          Now i know

    • Wale Jama Tulishinda

      Now that every building with a toilet is a university, it was only a matter of time until such ignorance comes to the fore. Get a refund from your teachers and try quail farming.

  • Caleb Aaron

    With the trend, am afraid we are soon going back to ‘detention’..the dark days, something must be done very fast to avert the looming crisis

  • chande boy

    pGait>don’t be ignorant, ”funnily” is 100% correct grammar

  • Mike Gich

    A journalist presents the news-not draw conclusions. Joe Ageyo, as a professional may have recommended for the sacking. But since this is a Luo ‘against’ another, you had to cook up the ‘endearing himself’ angle. Very clever of you

  • Again… the integrity of recruitment and retrenchment processes in Kenya is questionable.This is not news as such…

  • anoni

    You’re a fucking moron Alai. Liar