After KTN’s exposé on Prophet Kanyari, a lady who was invited to the Daughters of Zion meeting where she left completely unimpressed.

Read her testimony below;

I was introduced to DOZ by a friend. The first saturday, I got there pretty late, the church was in Ngara then. It was the end of a powerful preaching and she insisted on everyone picking an envelope, putting in a an amount. The crowd had already been excited so this was easy. I didn’t want to miss out so I think I put in some KES. The week went by as usual, as a matter of fact, my frustrations at the work place continued but I still purposed to be on time the next time.

The next time, she started the meeting, she started by asking the crowd to take the first 5 minutes to analyze her outfit because people had been getting too distracted staring at her during her sermons. I didn’t believe it but she went on and on to describe it amid cheers. Everything was pricey including the hair. I wondered how long I was going to last…

She went on to describe how she had thrown a party for the son which shocked the whole school. Later on, I found out it is not the usual schools that KNUT is striking about…

I couldn’t stomach that crap, I left! Later, I heard the crowd had been moved to buy a sports range rover, I saw pictures of a house and I also see the torture a guy has to go through trying to influence the crowd to give every Sunday before the powerful preaching.

I almost feel the trick is to move the crowd, excite them so that removing money will be very easy. This is through examples which I consider high profile such as jobs, tenders, houses, cars and so on.

From the Bible, Paul (the most powerful preacher) worked so that he would not be a burden to anyone. Can you imagine? And the early disciples went through the scriptures to confirm what they were being taught.

Kindly ask him to explain to us the source of the money so that we can also put into practice those business ideas because most of us, are working towards that kind of life. It’s so sad that you use the crowd to fund your lifestyle, then ask the same crowd to trust in God for their own funding…. Let people STOP hiding behind the name blessing. At least Kanyari is honest, it’s out of the 310 that he bought a range rover.

  • Wale Jama Tulishinda

    Why were you there in the first place?

    • atiriri

      kenyans r a clueless lot when it comes to preachers..they will sit thro the bullshit expecting miracles in their lifes..i said long time ago the only preacher who will draw my attention will be the one who will come through riding on a donkey..hio ingine ni takataka.bure tu!!!

      • Rono Cheruiyot

        Even me

      • Esther Musyimi

        Huyo unayesubiri ashakuja na akaenda zake, will only come back a second time to take the church with Him, not to preach. He did His part while down here, and assured us of doing greater things than He did, not in our own power, but that of the Holy Spirit who u receive after acknowledging the power of the Cross (redemption/salvation through the blood of Jesis). Again, He commands us to believe in His prophets that we may prosper. Only takes humility & revelation for u to acknowledge all this, casting down all your successes, crowns & achievements for His glory. Your ignorance will not solve anything or hinder the will of God from prevailing, but rather will derail u from fulfilling ur purpose in life beyobd career & family. You know wat, there is good news for u, that God still loved u in your ignorance & paid you the ticket to eternity & abudance of life before hand (thru the death & resurrection of Jesus). It’s choice u make whether to utilize the ticket or let it pass & hence end up loosing the meaning of life-eternity. You are blessed.

  • You will ONLY get out of the Box, Slavery and Stupidity the day you drop ALL religious nonsense. The whole mess (Islam, Christianity, etc) was set up by men of a higher caliber to control and influence the masses.

    You are fully responsible for your life …. NO saviour is coming from ANYWHERE at ANYTIME now or EVER to help you with ANYTHING!

    Sort out your issues yourself.

    Use your faculties to sort out ALL the mess in your life and around you without wasting TIME praying etc.

    You have been conditioned to believe in made up deities….. and claims that you will be saved in the blood of the lamb! Can you believe the nonsense!

    Wake up to the reality of life!

    • Njau Douglas


      • Mercy Njagi

        Sasa lucky charms zatokea wapi hapa? I pity your shallow mind!

      • What works is welcome whatever name you choose to call it. If it works …. it works. Give some evidence of anything the blonde boy has done successfully without making the African person the worst in everything ………….. that myth is worse than my charms …. at least I can touch the charms….. BUT both the blonde boy and the charms are a lie……… the maji maji rebellion proved beyond doubt that no witchcraft is truly effective in resolving our myriad of issues. That is not to say that the blonde boy’s representatives would have been effective without the guns! The blonde boy is a myth………..

        Religion is witchcraft ….. it will take no one anywhere useful, mostly it just causes death like we have witnessed from arab fanatics.

    • Titi

      It was not about salvation….i do believe in salvation…Salvation and giving are separate…you don’t have to give to be saved. The thief on the cross was stealing all through but was saved at the cross

      • My sympathies for the amount of indoctrination you have gone through to believe the nonsense you just wrote.

    • Kihara Wa Mtwe

      God is real, satan is real…… if you can explain to me y very soon you will die! then when u die u wil have your proof that Jesus Christ is God.

      • jaluo_thuon

        hapo ndio logic imekufikisha?

      • A blonde boy could never be my relation in anyway ….. physical or spiritual! In any case the blond boy and his mythical father came around many years after my ancestors existed!

    • amanikenya

      Jesus Christ is real and true. Read the scriptures and you will encounter God.

    • Esther Musyimi

      How far can you go/do on your own. You need this God however powerful you may be. You ought to worship a deity for it to go well with you- YAHWEH. Until you realize you are limited & wanting, only then will you embrace the supernatural power of God. God is real, I know of Him, tasted of Him & had a personal encounter with Him beyond just hearing about Him. It only takes a step of FAITH for one to trust this God with your life, then desire to know /relate with Him thru the leading of His precepts & Holy Spirit.

      • Whereas I have not ruled out the existence of a “god”, it is quite evident that that blonde haired Caucasian could never be my god in spirit or in the flesh ….. and neither could be his father …. the so called yahweh. Those “jewish” myths are just that …. myths that have caused the african person to suffer beyond any other race in the world. Myths that have ensured that the African person is at the bottom of the ladder in almost everything.

        Before these myths …. we built the Pyramids, created science, Mathematics and medicine among many firsts. Now, if I was to ask you…. you would probably say that we do not posses enough faith!

        It is time we dropped this nonsense and sought what worked for our ancestors. What worked for them will work for us since we are of the same mold.

        Drop the blonde boy and his father as well as the arab. These myths have destroyed us and made sure that we remain spiritual slaves for as long us we believe them.

        The Swahili say “muwacha mila ni mtumwa” …translated to “whoever has abandoned their culture is a slave” ….. the blonde boy and the arab are surely foreign making all that have embraced them … “watumwa”….. slaves!

        • ngoyah

          how is it then that the westerners have continued to invent and discover stuff yet they are the ones who brought the idea of God to Africa??? which science did africans create ?….the wheel and the pyramids are the only firsts in africa. the other great stuff ranging from IT, programming, engineering just to mention a few have come from the west yet they still believe in God.

          • If you trully believed in the same god as them, HOW COME he has enabled them so much and neglected us so much?

            The most religious people in the world are also among the poorest EXCEPT the USA. Everywhere else …. there is great poverty!

            WHEN we believe that a power apart from ourselves will sort out our issues, then we are doomed. Over 2000 years later, we are still waiting!

            The day we stop waiting and realise that the real power is within us, that is when we will get out of the mess we are in!

            We are taught to be corrupt long before 7yrs old by the story of Jacob and his brother, we are taught to be murderers by the story of cain & able, we are taught to engage in prostitution again by the Story of Jacob (whoever got a prostitute), etc

            The Bible is a tool to make us EVIL and it is done at Sunday School. We are programmed. Reread the stories you were taught at Sunday School and you will be shocked at how bad they are….

            We are programmed by the use of these very negative stories. Our behaviours are therefore automated….

            That is WHY a country that is over 80% religious has so much evil thriving with the so called “saved” leading the pack!

          • ngoyah

            the reason they prosper more than us has got nothing to do with us putting our hope in God. Its all about resources that are there in different countries and also hard work…its not about religion …i am scientist (medical physicist) ..i trained abroad..interacted with programmers, engineers and IT specialists who are so good at innovation / invention but still put their trust in God. I am currently in the medical field and have also interacted with medical specialists who are very good at their work but they still acknowledge its God who gave them these abilities.I can give you an example of Ben Carson Putting your hope in God does not mean just sitting and waiting while doing nothing expecting some miracle to happen in your life. I believe there are some religious people who do that but it should not be the case. Not every religious person just wait for things to happen.

            I am not trying to make you start believing in God coz from your statements it seems your mind was made up ages ago….. but just remember not all guys who believe in God are lazy and wait for miracles to happen. We give our best in life but in the end we acknowledge that God is the giver of all…life, abilities etc

  • Andy

    I think most of the people who attend this sort of thing want to live the good life vicariously through the preacher, and that is why they are willing to sponsor her lavish life and brag about how ‘pastor wetu ako na Range Rover’ while happily cycling home to some hovel after Sunday Service.

  • paul

    James 1:27 ‘Pure religion and undefiled before God the Father is this, To visit the
    fatherless and widows in their affliction, and to keep himself unspotted
    from the world.’
    – Support orphans & widows and God will hear you. It is written in the last days many will come to you in my name but they will be false preachers.

  • Esther Musyimi

    An annointing you dont respect or submit under can not bless/profit you. If u question the credibility of a choice servant of God, let them alone & dnt bother ur heart tolerating them. Seek a prophet whom you can honor, submit under and serve peacefully so that it may go well with you & God prosper you. Before you join any other cogregation, take quality time in test
    the spirit of the man/woman(can trust God thru prayer for the leading of the Holy Spirit to the true servant of God & an altar that will speak to you) through who God will be ministering to you in the word & prayer as a prophet to you. Settle your heart where you have peace, where true scripture is being taught(ought to search the scripture by yourself & confirm the truth of wat the man/woman is teaching) and the power of the Holy Spirit is embraced. This way u’ll live a life of liberty, with no need of blaming anyone or pointing a finger to anyone.
    Giving ought to be out of revelation(what you have read in the living word & having the witness of the Holy spirit over the same) bt not being compelled to. God doesnt eat money, or in need of your money because He owns a thousand cattles on a thousand hills, silver & gold belong to Him. He us the source of all wealth, name it . But He is rather after your heart, where your treasure is. He knows that if He can take the place of your treasure by having your heart, you surrendering your life to Him, He Has enlarged His kingdom & have u as an heir, assuered of eternity to spend with Him.
    The next thing He does is dealing with our own weaknesses in the pursuit of perfecting us to become like our Elder Brother, Jesus. Our own selfishness is one of the weaknesses that God is after prunning, & works out best through our giving (offering, tithe, seed). The same way u trusted God with your life, is the same way He expects u to trust Him with your wealth, thus surrendering ALL to Him. I tell u this for free : money is to be spent, & so are your money u give to any ministry willingly. As the ministry prospers, so do u. It is your responsibility to give, but not your responsibility to see to the usage of wat u give. Whoever u give to wld be judged on stewardship of wat God allowed into his/her control. You just play your part & settle ur case with God concerning giving. God will bless u because u gave, nt because it was misused.
    It will be wisdom therefore, to scrutinize whether the ministry u give to is not headed/run by robbers(anyone who doesnt tithe is a robber). If the ministry tithes, then hold your peace. Secondly, it is wisdom to scritinize on the chain of command in any ministry. There ought to be a cabinet, working as a team to see to the success of a ministry. The man/woman u submitting under shld not just be the ALL in ALL. Transparency & room for acountability or auditing is key to any true ministry. If all this is evident in the ministry, hold your peace.

    Dear kenyans, let’s change. Realize that we cant do without God, & need His prophets for us to be groomed in the word
    & faith. Let’s respect His choice servants & leave judgement role to who can & does it best. God bless us all.

  • May Lorraine

    Who do u think u are to judge anyone?where were u before she became “rich” You stupid people can never grow if u dont understand the principles of the bible shut up ur not God u have no bussines in knowing where her income comes from at the end of the day u dont give the church a shilling,mind about ur life and let us mind about our church and our mum YES AV SAID IT OUR MUM CATHY KIUNA,She will continue to be blessed exceedingly aboundntly above all you can think of so wait for more,thats how much we love her,May God have mercy on u and the rest that think like u.Sometimes u tempt us too much silly people remember we’r also human we cant talk,yet u think the devil is something with three eyes ugly face long nails etc no the devil is inside u working with u God forgive us we know not we do

    • ngoyah

      deluded fool! its quite clear how the kiunas make their money (from church offering) and what biblical principles are you talking about …living in luxury??? when may be some members of her church cant even have a decent meal. Mention any prophet or apostle or disciple in the bible who had such a lifestyle. Prophet Elijah rejected gifts from Naaman after he was cured of leprosy. Even Jesus whom we look up to was very humble while here on earth. its you and people who think like you and the Kiunas who need God’s mercy…idiots! stealing in the name of the Lord.

  • Kathy Kariuki

    Everybody is entitled to their opinion and so, let’s all agree to disagree. That said, I would like to voice my opinion on this matter, whether you like it or not doesn’t really matter but we all know that facts speak for themselves. When the Kiunas began the ministry it was all about God and they were doing great until money came in and they forgot what their calling was. If any christian in this world believes that they can live such lavish lifestyles, use church money to throw parties for their children, build huge mansions and drive luxurious cars at the expense of the flock, they are blind and are leading the blind into a ditch. In my opinion of course, If you really truly believe in Jesus, then do what He said you do. The Bible says, Mathew 6:24, “You cannot serve both God and money.” Wake up while it’s yet daytime, midnight approaches and many of us will be caught off guard.