Early this year, Gor Mahia was looking for a sponsor after Tuzo ended their sponsorship. Tuzo ended the sponsorship not because of any problem with Gor Mahia but because they wanted to consolidate all sports sponsorships under the Brookside brand.

So Gor approached other corporates, one of them being the New KCC. The marketing team did a proposal with samples. The company was interested in having the Gor Mahia brand push the Taifa Fresh brand which, according to KCC, was suppose to be the “fighter brand” as the Fresh Milk and others sit pretty. The Taifa Fresh brand was suppose to make the competition sweat.

Everything was going on well. The New KCC agreed to a Ksh 48 million annual sponsorship and the deal was to be for a period of 5 years. The problem with the New KCC is that the management depend on political leaders for survival. The Tuzo brand is from a company owned by the family of President Uhuru Kenyatta. The New KCC.

Everything went well including the presentation and winning the hearts of the New KCC Managing Director. So Deputy President William Ruto through the Industrialisation Cabinet Secretary got wind of the deal which was already signed by the New KCC MD. He called CS Adan Mohammed and ordered him to stop the deal.

The CS confessed this when a Gor official confronted him at a function and asked him why he stopped the deal since the previous understanding was that it was Adan Mohammed who stopped the KCC/Gor Mahia deal. Adan defended himself but implicated his boss. He then called DP Ruto who promised to help Gor next year to clinch some sponsorship. It is former Safaricom Manager and Peter Kenneth’s running mate Ronnie Osumba who intervened to bring Gor and Industrialisation CS together.

DP Ruto is among guests expected at the Railways club this evening for the fundraiser in support of Gor Mahia.

  • Edward Wuod Ndonj

    To much politics in Kenya,

  • Monique La Danseuse Anziya

    Tekga samoro nyere! Siasa itatumaliza hapa Kenya!

  • kedgimibadhi

    Blocking a positive deal is not politics. It is a hate activity YK92 style.

  • AWILOl

    Si mngeita Raila na EA oxygen awapee sponsor ama awapeleke Germany and US mtafute sponsor. Why bother the hustler?

    • Frank

      Must you talk trash! Don’t you av a kid who once be a sportsman then you see someone destroying his/her dreams! Weka siasa kando!

  • Jarateng

    Pretenders ni wengi Kenya hii.

  • Walter Bwire

    Its a shame that something to help others is interfered becoz so and so are enemies politically but it even shameful to them that GOR are champions talk of divine intervention.