John Junior

Kisumu’s Central Police station has issued an arrest warrant for popular Luo Benga musician John Junior after he and 2 of his aides tried to rape a woman in Kisumu on Thursday morning. The woman who is daughter to a leading journalist is now traumatised and scared after the ordeal.

The musician who was just from performing at Club Signature (Benga show sponsored by Radio Maisha) was accompanied by one bodyguard and one of his friend when he and his two colleagues tried to rape the woman in a car around Agha Khan mosque in Kisumu. The woman fought very hard and managed to scare the attackers who later dumped her on the road and sped off.

The case has been reported to Kisumu’s central police station where the investigating officer is one Peter Otieno Omollo. The OB record for the case is 4-30/10/2014. It was reported around 5AM on Thursday 30th October.

Efforts by the woman to have action taken on the musician has not borne any fruit as the investigating officer is telling the woman that he will even arrest John Junior after 3 months and not when she wants. The woman was injured on her private parts and the P3 and X-ray reports indicate the same.

Will the police take action on John Junior? We hope so.

  • Freddy X

    This article is kinda subjective. “The woman was injured on her private parts and the P3 and X-ray reports indicate the same”… nkt. You had so much time to see the P3, the OB, talk to the woman… You must be a MohaJichoPevu

  • MegaMind

    Njeri’s nowadays coming to Nyanza? Cheap populists?

  • Carol Ndar

    she fought them and they dropped her and sped off…really

    • Carol Ndar

      me thinks she was the rapist i mean JJ was presenting n with his collegues they retired after work to go home tell me about the she alitoka wapi 5am

  • Kwach Weldon

    am throwing away your tapes and cd’s

  • James Aliwa

    very shallow reporting ….am dissapointed