After recently quitting Radio, Caroline Mutoko is not going to stick mediocrity. The radio queen has now bought a brand new Toyota Land Cruiser V8. The spanking new car has raised questions as Caroline Mutoko once claimed on air that she would not spend money buying expensive cars again.

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She even wrote on her column how she was concentrating on bringing up her adopted girl and not buying expensive cars.

Attempts by Radio Africa owned gossip blog Mpasho to write the story were thwarted after Caro summoned them to her office and warned them never to dare write about that. The car is believed to be newer than the 2012 versions. Checking on the prices of the same model on Cheki, it seems Caroline Mutoko spent an upward of Ksh 7 million on the car.

Caro is currently the Sponsorships, Marketing and Promotions manager at Radio Africa Group.

  • watesh

    If i were her I would buy something worth ksh20 million upwards. She makes quite a lot of money on just social media sponsorships and other gigs.

  • fred Mugo

    So what if she bought herself that car…..how is it your concern…..or my concern…..

  • There’s nothing wrong for anyone to change mind. It’s her money, she worked her butt off sp hard to get ’em.

  • Thomas

    That’s her money. Let her drive what she wants.