A niece of President Uhuru Kenyatta, Nana Gecaga, has now imported a maid from United Kingdom whom she is paying Ksh 600,000 in salaries. Nana, Jomo Gecaga’s sister, has a young baby and is living with the recently elected Mathare MP Steve Kariuki.

So friends of the couple were recently overheard discussing the pay of the maid recently. Close friends of the couple were surprised that Nana could import a British maid to come and teach her child manners, grammar and good etiquette when there are enough Kenyans who can work with the salary and do a better job.

Now even Kenyans working in State House wonder why the President can allow this in his family when he said that Kenyans will be considered first in employment. How will Jubilee generate employment with such discriminative tendencies from the family level.

Jomo, Nana and Soiya Gecaga are children of Udi and Jeni Gecaga (first President’s daughter). Nana owns the Bora Ubora PR firm which has currently been getting a good chunk of government deals. Jomo Gecaga was the man who delivered the VW Passat for ministries while his uncle was the boss at the Treasury.

Nana recently attended a wedding at the Coast with the British nanny.