DSTV Cable

Multichoice is now giving up that it can’t control the illegal cable distribution of its content. Despite frequent police raids and prosecutions, the Pan-African Premium TV content provider has not managed to dent the impact of the distributors on its network. The distribution business is still very common in urban areas with connection fees for premium content being as low as Ksh 1,000 per month.

The one of payment for connection and low monthly subscription fees to the illegal connection guarantees subscribers access to premium content which is now viewable unless you can cough the over $85 which DSTV charges for its premium bouquets.

In an advertisement appearing in major dailies in Kenya, Multichoice Limited (MCA) has invited Requests for Proposal (RFP) for agents to distribute DSTV bouquets on wired networks through copper, coaxial or fibre links. The RFP is handled through Daly and Figgis law firm with bidders invited to send their RFP to [email protected]

Multichoice has tried various anti-piracy methods to block the distribution of its content but all have failed. The adverts show that the approach to curb the menace is changing. Currently DSTV is officially available through satellite and terrestrial links.