Collins Okello Jaduong'

Gifted pencil artists, Collins Okello aka Jaduong’ is set to visit President Uhuru Kenyatta in State House on Monday. After having drawn the President on canvas and shared his artwork online, State House noted his talent and invited him to visit the head of state in a move which is more PR than substance.

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President Uhuru will lead Jaduong’ on a tour of State House after which he will hold a short meeting with the President. Sources within State House reveal that the President was so impressed with the work of Collins that the invitation was arrange in a way that other schedules on the President’s diary were cancelled.

Collins Okello

Collins Okello has drawn many other celebrities but he has not got the kind of attention he got after drawing President Uhuru. We just hope that Larry Madowo would not try to con him claiming to be his manager like he tried with Daniel Owira.

But the President needs to go beyond rewarding individual artists. He needs to direct policy to support all artists.