Teacher Wanjiku

After exiting her great performance on Churchill Show, Teacher Wanjiku is set to launch her own animation series which will either run on YouTube or will be shown on local TV stations. The talented lady is not giving up yet.

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Having earned a good amount of money from the Airtel Kenya endorsements, Teacher Wanjiku whose real name is Caroline Wanjiku Tharau, is putting her investments in the right place. Her career faced a turbulence when she relied on veteran director Victor Ber for counsel. Victor duped her into exiting Churchill Show and starting her own which didn’t take off despite the great Citizen TV platform.

Teacher Wanjiku’s animation teaser

Churchill has reportedly begged her to get back on to the show but she is adamant that she is learning a lesson from her experiences. She is not taking them as failures. Her getting back onto Churchill Show was also going to be a spat on her face as she believe that she must open the eyes of other comics on other avenues of making money.

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The great teacher believes that all comedians MUST NOT rely on Churchill Show as the only avenue of making a name and money in the country.

“What if Chuchill is not there?” She quips.