DeadBeat Kenya

It seems that Facebook has decided that the DeadBeat Kenya group is not going to exist. It was a thin line the moderators were walking but the group is no longer available on the platform. A search for it yield only a message of “The Group was removed.” It is not clear what exact case prompted the removal but we are waiting for the group’s founder, Jackson Njeru.

Dead Beat Kenya

The group gained popularity since the September 11th when it was started to publicly shame fathers and mothers who never take care of their children after giving birth or siring them. The group gained international interests with the founder landing interview in the Washington Post, BBC, CNN as well as almost every local media outlet.

The membership in the grew to 196,000 from 11th September to when it was closed. This is the link the group was on 

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We are curious to know which story brought the death of DeadBeat Kenya but they might have messed with someone who knew the Facebook terms and conditions well. R.I.P DeadBeat Kenya but we loved you while you lasted.