MCSK Gala Awards

The extortionist organisation claiming to fight for the interest of Kenyan musicians, Music Copyright Society of Kenya (MCSK) is in the news again, for the wrong reasons. The society has organised and awards gala night which will happen at the Carnivore on 20th October, Mashujaa Day.

Most people have complained with 3 leading artists telling this blogger that the award is such a slap on the face of Kenyans as MCSK treats Diamond Platinumz, a Tanzanian, better than Kenyans. It is not clear why MCSK invited Diamond Platinumz to perform during a national fete while Kenyan artists should headline such a fete unless it was any other day.

Another contention is the payment being awarded to Daimond Platinumz for the performance. He is being paid almost Ksh 1.2million for performing besides collecting millions in royalties earned from local plays. 2 top producers have called this a FRAUD saying that it is an insult to the Kenyan artists who struggle to even get gigs. Most local artists slotted for the gala awards will be paid a measly Ksh 50,000.