Karen Land

Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission is out to intimidate any politician who will come out and point a finger at the government. Through its chairman, EACC has written letters dated 21st October 2014 to Boni Khalwale, James Orengo, Johnstone Muthama and Elizabeth Ongoro summoning them to the commission headquarters to explain their utterances regarding the 134 acre Karen land which has apparently been grabbed.

The grabbed land which has sucked key Jubilee leaders is a testament to the level of corruption in this government. Deputy President William Ruto was mentioned by the CORD leaders as one of the beneficiaries of the deal. He was reported to have visited while acting as President.


The key beneficiary of the fraud is said to be the Lands Cabinet Secretary Charity Ngilu. She has managed to reward key politicians across the political devide with parcels of land to buy their silence over the matter.

It is rather surprising that Charity Ngilu is claiming that she doesn’t know the owner of the land despite her being the lands ministry boss and openly claiming that she is doing a clean up in the lands registries across the country.

President Uhuru has waded into the debacle, openly intimidating people mentioning the grabbers instead of pursuing the grabbers.