Ababu 21

Budalangi MP Ababu Namwamba is a happy man. He is enjoying the company of a female companion whom he says is his wife but we believe is just a clandé. Prisca Mwaro is giving the MP a good time as the legislators work his head off to unravel the IEBC BVR fiasco. She has been flown to India to make the MP comfortable, probably at the taxpayers’ expense.

While we can’t do much about what Ababu does with his money, we can ask questions about his representation of the people who elected him to parliament. Since the pictures emerged, residents of Budalangi have displayed anger on the manner in which the MP seems to be comfortable flossing with whoever but ignoring whatever is happening back home.

PICS of Mudembi Primary School in Bunyala East Location of Budalangi Constituency.

The voters claim that Ababu is like that spoilt brat from a poor family who earns meagre salary then goes ahead to brag to his poor relatives how great he is enjoying his life. Ababu please, kumbuka nyumbani.