The Incompetent Gina Din PR Boss, Eddy Ndegwa, Was Finally Fired

The great Madam Gina Din finally decided to fire her PR boss. Eddy Ndegwa whom we exposed as incompetent and uncouth was fired and the partnership ended on Friday. Eddy who was so incompetent he couldn’t deliver a single PR business deal, was angrily shown the door and ordered to exit the Gina Din PR premises with the staff she joined the company with.

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Eddy who was running one of the leading PR companies down, was disliked by both staff and clients of Gina Din. He was aloof and lacked the likability needed to manage such a PR business. Just like we advised Madam Gina Din. Eddy is gone.

Moving forward, Gina Din has finally decided to lure her former staff back. She has been making overtures and having private meetings with individual staff members hoping to rescue her PR business. We just wish Gina Din well. But don’t say we didn’t tell you.


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