Raila Od

Uhuru Kenyatta and William Ruto are astute political schemers. The two scheme without substance but with well-packaged propaganda that stirs likeability. Theirs is game of cards. They are very good at public relations and capturing public perceptions. Their handling of communication and connection with their support based is not really about core issues affecting people. Theirs is manipulation mastery of false hope and promises. They have mastered the art of dominating opponents and public space.

They have identified social target groups, well-choreographed narrative and deploy all necessary tools to achieve their goal. They know timing, space and opportunity matters greatly. Every space is their valuable space. Raila and his advisors play well-known cards. There is no adaptability and change of political and communication strategy to a more proactive and aggressive organized strategy.

  • Ray

    True, the CORDONS
    are slowly becoming irrelevant..sadly so but its the truth!!

  • gich

    That is cheap talk, kama kazi inafanywa inafanywa.. Let us just acknowledge #haters

  • Upende_Usipende

    False promises it is but people remember those false promises. Like laptops, school milk, Ksh 6 billion saved to avoid 2013 presidential election rerun to be given to spur jobs for the youths blah blah blah.

  • Benshuttah


  • Omondi

    Tha problem with cord look when Raila is addressing people.he is being sarroudded by his tribes men.those same people are spokemen of ODM ukabila itatua

  • Kariuki C Karis

    cord should dapo to rig elections



    • Thomas

      Foreskin is very sweet. Ask one Moses Kilimanjaro.

  • okoth

    ujinga ya ujaluo kuabudu raila na bibi yake ndio maana hatuendi maali pthoo yawa!

  • Thomas

    RAO never listens to advice. He is predictable. He needs to change tact. He keeps on making error after error. He’s now going to give a lecture at the prestigious Yale University. He will never even think of asking for one scholarship for a young Luo youth to study at Yale. I miss Rateng Tom Mboya. Politics is a game of strategy. RAO seems to have no strategy at all.

  • Michael Khaniri

    Nonsense!. Uhuru rigged the elections? Is that the superior tactics you are talking about? Vote theft?

  • brian

    scientists are on the way to prove whether foreskins effcts the thinking capabilities of a person… lets thes young leaders shw us the way to leadershp