Tony Mochama

He has been accused of all manner of things. The accuser is Shailja Patel and she of the sexual and homosexuality activism fame believe that she can’t respect Kenyan courts and on any case, she can only rely on court of the opinion of her friends who ply the same trade.

I am now so pro Tony because I believe that Shailja Patel, Wambui Mwangi, Kenne Mwikya and their brand of blind and biased loyalists are raping Tony Mochama in a worse way. Every victim and suspect have all their rights intact and must be accorded such until when proven guilty in a justice system composed of QUALIFIED judges, lawyers and prosecutors.

Happy Shailja Patel after the supposed RAPE

These RAPISTS descended on a poor Tony Mochamma aka Smitta with all manner of bile and when the conversation didn’t pick online and other so-easily-fooled snobs didn’t buy in quick enough, they claimed that they went to the police.

There has not been a single proof of Shailja in a police station. What we have seen are photos taken where Shailja is walking around with Anne Njogu and other activists. It is very easy to walk into a police station and take groupies or selfies or any other type of photo. What cement your ‘facts” is an actual FILE NUMBER (called OB number).

People including someone calling herself Professor (Wambui Mwangi) have made all manner of claims including not respecting or trusting our courts. They ignore that those instutions they have low regard for are what ensure our sanity. What if everyone who had an issue with our courts used own justice system? What if I shot everyone I believed wronged me? What if Wambui threw a smelly panty at anyone she didn’t like?

Why didn’t the accuser and her supporters call Tony out at the venue? Why was it so convenient for them to invite him into a meeting after laying a trap, then take enough time to draft a script to execute him? This is Wambui’s house, what did she do immediately to stop Tony? Was she in some competition with Tony? Did she compete with Tony in the Morland Scholarship she so much want him to forfeit? How many men has Shailja accused of rape in the last 5 years? How many?

This matter STINKS. Women must stop using their skirts and sexuality to bring men they can’t beat down. The below video will help you understand this.

Please feminists, stop raping Tony Mochama. Listen to the conversation below. It is between someone who was at the said event.

  • Obvious

    This is one height of foolishness. It’s a level that is infuriating. You thought process is not only lacking, and unintelligible, it’s harmful.

    Do this with your internet access; research, read, and understand that

    -rape isn’t a fleeting event that can be applied willy nilly, or substituted to exaggerate a point.

    -you are an idiot for thinking that calling out your idol is anywhere close to the violation of space, and body, and destruction of self security that is rape.

    -people who’ve been assaulted smile, and even laugh after the crime. It’s called recovery.

    -rape culture in this country, leave alone the world, is pervasive, and disgustingly maintained by people who claim to be educated, knowledgeable, and so reliant on the law to back them up that they don’t bother to understand that the legislation on sexual offences is grossly lacking in the prosecution of sexual assault, as well as the police being incompetent in handling sexual assault matters. Don’t pretend as if people aren’t raped on the daily, go to the cops, and have their characters questioned, or their stories mis-stated, or worse still get blamed for being violated.

    -no matter how many times you accuse the victim of character assasination, you haven’t proven Smitta didn’t assault her. You’ve only proven that the victim has met with her friends, and smiled in photos; that there were witnesses to the event who you think didn’t try to stop it, that you are a misogynist, and that you are so eager, and enthusiastic in supporting a known invader of spaces and bodies, and bigot, that you show off your own bigotry, and asinine level of analysis, that you end up supporting rape culture.
    -if you think you have sexually assaulted someone consider this, did they rebuke you? Did they tell you no? Did they tell you to stop? Did you ignore them, and force yourself on them, be it hugging, kissing, or groping? If you answer yes, or maybe to any of the questions, the yes, you have committed sexual assault. Admit to it, apologise to those you can reach, and stop supporting rape culture.
    -a woman’s dressing isn’t for you.

    This will probably go over your head, but it could save others from your level of negative, and harmful mentality towards physical violation of people’s spaces, and bodies. Stop supporting rape culture, stop supporting assaulters; and for goodness’ sake, stop being an idiot.

    • GG

      Who are you? You are brilliant. Thank you for this.

      • Obvious

        Thank you for the observation, and support. I’m someone who loves to respond to crude, rude, and senseless people like the person who posted this unnecessary, misguided, and harmful opinion.

    • Dre├ím Bongo

      I’ve learned that anyone who uses the phrase “rape culture” isn’t interested in an improved justice system. They(feminists) just want a justice system in which a mere sexual offence accusation is treated as a fact…Because, you know, women** never lie, manipulate, or mistaken.

      **I’m aware men can be victims of sexual assaults as well but I mentioned women because female victims/alleged-victims are the only ones feminists care about

      • G Afrika

        That’s not true. And the phrase, ‘rape culture’ does culture the kind of perceptions many Kenyans hold towards the subject of rape and definitely this article does not warrant the use of the word ‘rape’ to describe something that cannot even be compared to that kind of violation

      • Obvious

        I doubt you will read this, cause it’s in my experience that people that hold beliefs such as yours rarely read anything that they deem unfit. In case you do, here’s something you should know, I am technically not a feminist. A feminist believes in the freedom, and equality of the sexes across all boards. Being a misandrist means that I can’t be a feminist because it would be going against the tenent of taking men into equal regard with women. Further, if you knew anything about feminists, you would know that they take care of rape victims who are men; and especially boys. While maendeleo ya wanaume froth at the mouth because FIDA and other female-oriented organisations support women majorly, FIDA, and other female-oriented organisations are the places men go to seek support, and help for violence they face, be it physical, or sexual by partners they know, or strangers. They also approach the male victims, and help them get on their feet. As far back as my memory takes me, the first story of a man battered by his wife came on news because FIDA had taken him to hospital, and was taking the case to court. Women were the ones who fought against any attempts to change to the sexual offences act clauses to leave out any instance in which men are victims of sexual violation. An overwhelming number of male MPs, and a few women were the ones pushing to have rape classified as an action that can be acted out upon women solely, and with the use of genitals alone. That’s rarely brought forward in the argument of rape culture in this country.
        Regarding women being liars; in my experience, people who decide that the number of liars in the statistics of women who voice the violations acted out upon them is significant, are people who love to subjugate women. They are people who take women as objects there to please a man, or men, no matter their personal preference. See, the number of women who do lie about sexual violence they’ve faced is indeed great. Because a great number of women don’t tell about the violence they’ve faced. A greater percentage of men who face sexual violence are liars as well, as they will never inform anyone that they are victims. However, the number of people who do lie out-loud, claiming they are victims of sexual violence are few; very, very few. In Kenya, statistics are hard to come by; but if the international statistics should be applied, less than 2% of reported sexual violence have been false claims. So, in insisting on the ‘women lie, manipulate, or mistake’ argument, you in effect make it seem like the 98% of reported cases are invalidated. Does that make sense? Not to me. Hence, why I ridicule that argument, and don’t bother entertaining it.
        No matter how you try to spin it, this opinion held by this unfortunate member of present day humanity is vile, harmful, and worthy of derision. It does much to contribute to rape culture, and does nothing to prove the person accused of sexual violation is innocent in its defence. Much like your response does nothing to counter my response, since the most you tried to do to refute it was say you don’t see that rape culture is a valid term; or should be used by people invested in an improved justice system. You know who isn’t interested in an improved justice system, people who promote, maintain, and champion rape culture. The use of rape culture can be invalidated as much as those who decry it want, but it doesn’t make it go away.

  • Margaretta Swigert-gacheru

    ridiculous. do you know what a feminist is? do you know what a rapist is? i doubt.