John Serut

Mt Elgon MP John Serut is a funny man. The member of parliament has today been captured in an audi recording sent to us anonymously by people in the National Intelligence Service. The MP can be heard warning the young man against writing negative things about him on social media.

On the audio clip, the MP tell the student that he can send his gang to pick the student from his college hostel after which the young man might never be found. The MP also brags how much money he has and who in the Provincial administration he can buy. He goes on to tell the student that even the OCPD of the area is his friend and the police might pick the student and subject him to some kind of suffering.

It is unfortunate that we have such kind of people as out MPs. Listen to the full audio clip below.

The MP was once mentioned in a Human Rights Watch report as a key perpetrator (sponsor) of the violence in Mt. Elgon.