Shailja Patel

Kenyan feminists are a pathetic lot. They are worse than the lynch pins who kill grannys in Kisii for looking like witches. The Kenyan feminist will imagine what they can accuse any man they would want to finish and immediately descend upon him with all manner of virtual weapons.

Social media is now their forte and most men being sex starved or desperate to appeal to this domineering community of sexists, will just watch or also instantly condemn you to death for having being convicted of sexual assault. In most instances, the complainant owns the prosecutor and judge who are all arm-chair professionals in their forte.

Tony Mochama

Today, the victim this time is Tony Mochama. Whatever he did, he has rights which must be respected by the others who wish that their victim friend also get her rights. Only a court of law can pronounce him guilty or otherwise.

Apparently Tony Mochama was at Story Moja Festival and so was the paling sexual activist, Shailja Patel. Tony then went to the house of Wambui Mwangi where he found Shailja Patel. Tony allegedly groped Shailja Patel (renowned poet and sexist) several times in the house where some poets were meeting.

Tony denies this.

Mochama Response

The allegations were first brought online through the Kenyan Writers Google group where Tony, Shailja and Wambui are members. Kenne Mwikya then took the allegations online through Twitter alleging all manner of things and proceeding to pronounce judgement on Tony.

Not that it is impossible that it happened or that we believe Tony, but victims and suspects have rights. The only legal arbiter in such cases is our own police service. You initiate the process by reporting to the police where they have even the gender office. Shailja being the victim knows every well that she can get even free support to hold Tony to account. Going for her desperate apologists to lynch Tony and she launch her struggling female activism career is a cheap-shot. We must stand even against the marauding rabid sexists.

Tony is not alone. Male folk came to support him.

Post by Oduor Jagero.

Our own President and Deputy are suspects at the ICC in a case where sexual assault is said to have been used as a weapon in the 2007/8 Post-Election Violence.

Shailja has not commented on this since when the allegations came online but she seems to be using Kenne Mwikya (homosexual activist) and Wambui Mwangi (another sexist) to further her career. This is something which no sane person should tolerate. We must follow the due process. Today it is Tony, tomorrow it is you.

  • kreemer

    Allegations of sexual assault are among the most damaging allegations you can bring towards anyone these days.

    I will not pass judgment either way.

    I know Tony, so I will speak of what I know. Tony is a lover of life, and of Truth in words.

    He is a writer in the fullest sense of the term; he breathes words, he is sustained by language, and at his very best, he transforms the readers of his word.

    He is married to a wonderful woman, and in his way, is a happy, dedicated family man.

    I have NEVER known Tony to even speak of women in the many ways men do at bars. I know this of him so well that I can feel his sheer anger. Tiny has been called many things, has insulted and been insulted, but to assault a woman out of a sexual urge, it’s simply being him. At the first assumption that sex would be the reason that Tony would assault ANYONE AT ALL, one falls completely to know him.

    Sex is not a driver for Tony. Even his characters must go hunting in search of the appropriate language…the research is external.

    Either a simple misunderstanding has occurred, or Tiny is caught in intentions of the grossest type of injustice – malicious defamation is an attack at the very soul of a person.

    Let the story play before you pronounce judgment. The first apples at the base of a shaking tree are probably rotten.

  • johari

    this story yoyos back and forth from absurd,then the ridiculous…and absurd again! it’s really uplifting (read: bewildering),to see all the “judge-judy” wannabes come out with pitchforks and flaming torches, to form the proverbial angry mob,ranting their disgust and baying for blood when…the “victim” has not uttered a word! has she been struck dumb,this poet extra-ordinaire? why does she not speak?…and even more amazing…why do the rest of you continue to voice opinions about something that appears to be a figment of a warped imagination? why can’t we all just get a life?

  • Melissa

    Wow, totally not a biased article, completely not biased or female bashing in favour of the “bro-hood” in any way possible. Kudos.

    Sarcasm aside. Look, if he did it, then she has every right to file for sexual assault because groping without anyone’s consent IS sexual assault and you don’t have to stand behind your ‘boy’ because it’s a violation of basic rights and just plain wrong;

    and maybe she’s not talking about it because all the men in town are so quick to bash her as a liar and an attention seeker. Plus, it’s embarassing, I wouldn’t be posting about it on every social media site, she just wants justice quick and fast so she can move on with her life.

    If he didn’t do it, good. He has every right to sue for defamation and I hope that goes well for him but just don’t bring down feminists for your own weird male ego complex reasons. These people are supporting a very noble cause and it’s derogatory articles like this that are taking this country a few decades behind.

    I mean, c’mon, it’s 2014, if you’re not a feminist (even you, MEN) then you seriously need to contemplate on your life choices.

    P.s: What’s up with all the propaganda & red herrings in this article? Not cool bro.

    • Susan

      Thank you for this! the old feminist hate trope is getting old and unoriginal.

    • xamid

      Are you serious? Today’s feminism is utter crap. Feminists are in general sexists and not able to give logical valid arguments for their point of view. All they argue is “It makes me feel bad!”, while all they conclude is “We need to save women (innocent) from men (evil), give women extra rights, and fight against men!”, without being clear that it would not be some kind of misandry, androphobia, contreltophobia, or social phobia.
      It’s not like that you need to be a feminist because it is 2014, but rather if you are still a feminist in 2014, then you are probably misandric and women-victimizing.

      • Melissa

        See, the core motive of feminism is to fight for the social, economic & political equality of the sexes. That’s it. Nothing more. You are only not a feminist if you believe that women do not deserve that. If you do then congratulations, you sir, are a feminist.
        Feminism isn’t about victimization or man hating, bra burning, won’t-shave-my-armpits women picketing at golf games. And while I agree that thos
        e people do exist, they shouldn’t be the face of what being a feminist is.

        So you’re not against feminism, you just don’t understand it.