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Construction of Nairobi’s Outering Road to Commence in October, 2014

Outering road

Commuters using Nairobi’s Outerring Road have a reason to smile. Their pain and agony might just be ending. Kenya Urban Roads Authority (KURA) has announced that the construction of the road will start in October after the contract between KURA and SinoHydro (yes has to be Chinese) was signed on 21st August.

The construction of the 13-kilometre dual carriage artery of Nairobi will start from the Eastern bypass junction at Taj Mall up to Thika Road junction at GSU headquarters. The construction will start from the GSU Headquarters towards Embakassi. The contractor is now mobilising.

This project is estimated to cost Sh8.5 billion and is jointly funded by Government of Kenya and other development partners like Africa Development Bank (AfDB). The Kenyan government will avail 11.5 per cent funding while AFDB will carter for the remaining 88.5 per cent. Lee International Canada in joint venture with Lea Associates S. East Asia are the consultants for this project.

outering rd construction

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