Gor and Mexican

Former Youth Fund boss, Evans Gor Semelang’o is said to be a smitten man. The guy is said to be dating a hot Mexican brunette called Lavinnie who, from the pictures, is a sexy, hot, bright and simple. She works for an oil and Gas drilling company based in Spain.

Lavinne is being touted by friends of the fomer Youth Fund boss as┬áthe reason why Evans Gor Semelang’o dumped Citizen TV’s Janet Mbugua. Nobody knows Janet’s side of the story but looking at the way the story of the ‘Mexican Oil worker’ is being sold raises questions on the intentions.

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The break-up between the two apparently left Janet depressed, broke and helpless. But she is finding solace in her Inua Dada, new beau called Eddie and some adverts she has recently appeared on.


    This is funny. Celebs are born to die single.

  • Bhatt rft

    HA HA HA Alai, this chic works in Kenya and she aint no Mexican man…she is an Australian citizen of Indian origin……WTF !

    How has the break up left Janet BROKE???NKT

    Lavinia ,sorry gal!

    • Corriander

      You make more sense when you say Alai? People are really pussies. Boxing shadows then claiming how tough they are. How do you know she is Indian? Gor or she told you? Or it is your way of also claiming to be in the know.

      BTW this story has been all over. Just Google. Idiot!!!

      • Bhatt rft

        I don’t need to Google no shit, I know this because i was in school with her for years .
        But carry on . ..anything for traffic right?

        • Coriander

          So because you went to school with someone, you control their private lives? Is your reasoning making sense to even your stupid self? How is your going to school relevant in someone’s private life?

          What will traffic help me with here while I don’t own or write for the site?

          • Bhatt rft

            Dude, with your IQ i don’t think you would understand. Who talked about controlling anyone’s life here ??..I am simply stating the truths . My middle finger has suddenly gotten a boner….Adios!

          • finlay

            But Bhatt is your IQ better because your reasoning that you went with her to school doesn’t convince anyone that you know someone more than the average neighbour.

            So if you went to school with Uhuru Kenyatta then you would know who he is sleeping with? You need to check your IQ first bro before even throw the joke at someone else.

  • tony muraga

    the lady make 840k per month, how can she be broke?