CIC Group CEO Nelson Kuria
CIC Group CEO Nelson Kuria

Few weeks ago, CIC Insurance Group contracted Deloitte Consulting to do recruitment for the next Deputy CEO.

The recruitment went well until when there were only three candidates remaining from the initial 43 of which only 9 were shortlisted for the interview. The names of the 9 were shortlisted, interviewed and 3 final names forwarded to the CEO of CIC Insurance Group Mr Nelson Kuria.

The three were;

  1. Mr David Rono, MD CIC Life Division – Scored 96%
  2. Mr Kitoto, MD Panafric Insurance – Scored 68%
  3. Mr Patric Tumbo, MD Jubilee Insurance – Scored 61%

Funny enough, only Kitoto and Tumbo appeared on the list as they come from the Kikuyu community and not Mr Rono. Mr Rono was recommended by Deloitte Consulting.

This is the current CIC Board of Directors

The team which conducted the interview are;

  1. Japheth Magomere  РChairman of Board
  2. Rev Peter Kagane – Vice Chairman
  3. Nelson Kuria – CIC Insurance
  4. Stella Kaimenyi
  5. Grace Mabishi – Auditor
  6. Stanley Muchiri – Chairman Coop Bank

Dr Martin Oduor Otieno formerly the CEO of KCB Group presented the Deloitte recommendations. Mrs Mabishi and Mr Magomere have been influenced by the CIC Group CEO to have Mr Kitoto who comes from the same village with Mr Kuria as the new Group Deputy CEO. So Ms Mabishi and Mr Magomere are running a parallel ad hoc committee to hand pick the Deputy CEO.

This is how negative ethnicity is being practised in Kenya’s corporate world. Extremely sad

  • Nelson

    This is the worst written article I have ever read. The editing and research is at best childish. First of all, get the names right, it’s Mr. Gitogo not Kitoto and both he and Mr. Tumbo are brilliant CEO’s of large insurance companies so it is by merit that they have made the shortlist. It is articles like this that bring shame to the media profession.

    • Finlay

      Because you don’t have any other excuse to defend your ethnicity, you go for some imaginary standards in media like you know anything about media. PIG please

      • ezekiel

        Tom gitogo is my best ceo ever

  • Walter Bwire

    This happens in all companies not CIC Insurance alone.

  • Rono ni CEO Pioneer Assurance! Wakae na hiyo yao.