Kaikai 11

After the exposè we ran on Linus Kaikai planning to travel with President Uhuru Kenyatta, Linus Kaikai decided to have the interview with the President at State House Nairobi. The revelation angered Linus so much that he has promised to “discipline” the writers of this blog.

With the exposè new revelation started emerging over the US visit which President Uhuru commenced today. State House requested US embassy to allow the President to travel with some 120 people to the US. Among the people included was Linus Kaikai. Linus also wrote personally to the US embassy requesting that the embassy finance part of his upkeep in the US and arrange for him to interview President Obama.

The embassy replied to State House indicating that the delegation travelling with each President from each African country was limited to only 40 people which included Presidential security. That development meant that the President had to not only adjust his diary but also his delegation to the “white imperialists nation” he so hated.