Griffins Omwenga
On Thursday last week, Dubai Bank chairman Hassan Zubeidi appeared in Court to answer to claims about his forged nationality. But what followed thereafter was a fiasco. One Griffins Omwenga, an investigative reporter with Daily Nation went on a spree calling every senior court reporters in all the media houses asking them  to “kill that story ata nunua chai”.
He did this even to court writers within NMG but hit a rock after word leaked to editors about the campaign. The NMG editors in fact ran the story prominently in protest of the apparent plot to compromise coverage of the case.
The Star also ran the story despite the overtures to have its reporters such as Jillo Kadida to kill the story.
The plotters even dangled an alleged court order late on Thursday purporting to bar NMG from carrying stories on Dubai Bank.
The involvement of Omwenga on the court matter irked other court reporters because they felt he was ” a stranger” trying to involve himself with matters that don’t concern him.