Esther Arunga

Esther Arunga and Quincy Timberlake are now evading media and public attention in Australia after death of her son. The controversial couple are said to have moved from their Goodfellows Road town house in Kallangur to an unknown location with neighbours completely kept in the dark. The couple were staying in a house where the rentals are ranging between $250 and $350 per week. This is considered non affluent by Australian standards.

The couple are said to be leading a life where few know what they are actually doing. Some of our sources in Australia have indicated that Esther Arunga is working in one of the local departmental stores while Quincy Timberlake is just a stay home dad.

Even the couple’s parents in Kenya are wondering what they are up to with a woman claiming to be Quincy Timberlake’s mother coming out to demand that Quincy get in touch with her. According to a report on the Daily Nation, Ms Rosemeg Wambitta has not spoken with her son for a very long time, she says.

Police have not preffered any charges on the couple with the authorities still waiting for post-mortem report on the death.