Arunga and Timberlake

Did Esther Arunga and her husband Quincy Timberlake knowingly cause the death of their son? That is what the Australian police is investigating.

According to a TV news report from Australia’s channel 7 news, the 3 year old boy was said to be playing with┬áhis two year old sibling when he fell down the stairs. His parents thought that the injuries were not so serious and so they just gave the poor boy and had him sleep. That was unfortunate because the condition of the boy worsened prompting the Esther and Quincy to call medics.

The boy died while being attended to by medics. Esther and Quincy have both been taken in for questioning by the Australian police. From the TV footage, Esther Arunga can be seen to have considerably gained weight.

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  • Thoughtsonly

    We read too much into things. Let the police do their work we are not professionals.

  • Enthuse Freelancer

    So, this panadol thing, the common culture in Kenya is all over! A kid gets sick and the first treatment is a panadol or malaria tablets, regardless of the condition. God help us.

  • Cleo Mbeo

    This is so sad. That kid was such a beautiful boy. My sincere condolences to Esther and Quincy. … They will be proved innocent. I’m sure the boy did not have visible signs of injury. We tumbled down the stairs many times as kids and indeed our heads had bumps… no hospital were we rushed to. They must be feeling terrible and distraught. God be by their side

  • Danbelte

    I think a Kenyan habit is being misunderstood by the Australians!

    • staropposite

      i am married to a kenyan and we both have said the same thing, you cannot blame carelessness on culture , dont use ignorance as a cultural excuse

      • Danbelte

        I agree

  • Jakatiga

    Carelesness that is very normal in Kenya or Africa. If it was in Kenya Police would have not investigated the case. How many kids die out of carelesness in Kenya? May the baby RIP.


    they sacrificed this little boy!

  • Leila

    Very sad and may the little one rest in peace. I do hope and pray they did not do any harm although I must say its not wise to just medicate a child who has had a fall and tuck him in hoping for the best. Some injuries are not obvious. Why did they not call an ambulance?

  • danmo

    They posses kenyan culture of carelessness and it is not there wish to have their son dead. They did not know a small mistake can cause death and be held in custody for investigation against murder. Let then come back to Kenya where they fit because no such investigation would occurred.