After news went round recently that Tanzania had banned Sheesha aka Hookah, Kenya is following suit by banning selected flavours of the common recreational drug.

Through the anti-drug abuse agency, the country has with immediate effect banned 19 shisha flavours found to contain hard drugs like heroin, bhang and cocaine.

National Campaign Against Drug Abuse (Nacada) Chairman John Mututho has indicated that they arrived at the decision after doing a test of 100 samples of different flavours with officers from the Ministry of Health.

Some of the banned flavours include Al Fakher strawberry flavour, Al Fakher orange flavour, Al Fakher two apples with mint flavour, Al Fakher vanilla flavour, Al Fakher two appeals flavour, Al Fakher guava flavour, Al Fakher orange with mint flavour, Al Fakher orange flavour.

Others are formulated kuber (positive for morphine), nakhala molasses tobacco aplle flavor, strong formulated shisha cocktail, medium formulated shisha cocktail, mild formulated shisha, Al Fakher energy drink flavour, Al Fakher packet strawberry flavour and Al Fakher chocolate with mint flavor.

Those found to be consuming the said flavours will be charged like anyone found to be smoking bhang would be.


PIC: Ghafla