Nairobi News

Nation Media is not good at innovation. It is very good at copying and it doesn’t end up well sometime. First they tried to respond to the then Nairobi Star with The Daily Metro. That didn’t end well forcing them to confess that the model didn’t work out.

It seems that the same fate has befallen Nairobi News. The media house has just informed all its staff that it will be closing the tabloid which was to target the Nairobi residents as it is affecting the company’s bottom-line without any prospects of it making an impact in the gossip market which Standard Group’s Nairobian is currently in command of.

Nairobi News couldn’t make an impact because NMG tried to sanitise what was suppose to be raw gossip. Standard discovered a market and is exploiting it. Nairobi News tried to sell some quarter or half-baked content which would then be covered in detail in Daily Nation. So buying Nairobi News was buying a fraction of Daily Nation’s content. STUPID IDEA!! If you want to sell gossip, sell it raw because gossip is sweet raw.

R.I.P. Nairobi News!!!