Anne Waiguru

Devolution Cabinet Secretary Anne Waiguru wanted to have sex with former Youth Fund boss Evans Gor Semelango. According to senior OP officials, Anne Waiguru was so jealous of Evans Gor Semelang’o’s closeness to Citizen TV’s Janet Mbugua that she once told Evans at a private meeting that she thinks that “it is unethical for Civil Servants” to sleep with media professionals.

Gor did not make sense of her statement but the views of Madam Waiguru were reinforced by one senior OP official who sent an SMS to Gor informing him in Luo, “nyakoni dwaro ni mondo iliet okonge. Obiro riembi ka ok itimo kamano” (this woman wants you to warm her thing or else she will fire you).

With Bruce Odhiambo being extremely close to the President, Anne could only think of him as the replacement as she purged the Civil Service of Luos, Luhyas, kambas, Kisiis and other ethnic groups he felt are not supporting the President.