Maina Njenga

A gang attacked former Mungiki boss Maina Njenga’s church in Nakuru on Sunday 4th May. Maina was having an interview with some journalists when one of his minders whispered on his ears then he took off without uttering a word. The journalist who was taken to the former Mungiki boss was left confused before being told by the Helicopter Ministries boss Bishop Thomas Wahome that Maina had been kidnapped by Mungiki adherents.

Bishop Wahome asked the journalist to leave the premises before things get bad. It was later reported that 3 members of the church were killed by panga wielding gangs looking for Maina Njenga.

Reports are now coming out indicating that Maina Njenga was either kidnapped or is in hiding after the Sunday incident. Maina does not own a telephone anymore, a fact which makes tracking his movement and getting in touch with him a bit more complicated.

Interior Ministry Cabinet Secretary Joseph Ole Lenku recently warned that Mungiki members are currently regrouping and preparing for fresh round of anarchy. The gang which is believed to enjoy the support of key politicians are always used to settle political scores and run extortion rings. Pockets of the gang are still common in various parts of Nairobi, Rift Valley and Central Province.