Alice Odera

We once tweeted that Alice Odera who was then a TV host at Citizen TV never went to New York University or any other university nor did all those things she claimed that she did. She was a fraud who Royal Media HR couldn’t do due diligence on. Well, KQ has today discovered that Alice Odera was a stripper in New York and was deported from USA after the authorities discovered some ugly things she was doing.

After working for Citizen TV, Alice got a job at KQ without any papers. She always promised to deliver the papers which she claimed to have misplaced. Alice never did. So KQ had a function in USA which the PR manager had to attend. Shock on KQ, USA embassy flatly refused to give their PR manager a Visa saying that come what may, they wouldn’t change their minds.

With a little background check, KQ discovered all the ugly things Alice Odera was doing in USA. The national carrier discovered that Alice only went to New York University for 5 days. She was then to work as a stripper and drug mule in various New York neighbourhoods.

KQ security escorted Alice Odera out of their premises with the management furious that they were not smart enough to do proper background check on Alice. Alice claimed in her application for the KQ PR and Communications Manager’s job that she graduated at New York University, something which she knew was so false it wouldn’t sell anywhere.

  • mwanoo1

    What?? Then someone at KQ must go as well. If this is true, then heads must roll in KQ’s HR. Was she subjected to a one-on-one and written interview before getting the job?

  • Gsp Theinvesta

    her dreams still vaalid

  • palsa

    sometimes papers are over rated, if she did her job well and met the company objectives i see no problem, but the again she lied about it.

  • Asher O’Blessings

    Did she fail to deliver? papers aint the benchmark for success

    • shillings

      Neither is lying.

    • Ngoma

      How about just saying you don’t have any then? It’s called HONESTY.

  • ?!

  • kenyason

    Sad she was caught, yet there are so many out there. Alice, keep on doing what you are good at….PR without papers!

  • Natty Dread

    Leave God out of this, otherwise you’ll be saying that He condones lying and cutting corners. Kenyans have a very odd way of practicing religion: they think that bribery and cutting-corners is OK as long as they claim to believe and trust in God.

    No wonder those prosperity gospel pastors getting caught in motels with peoples’ wives simply say sorry and resume normal programming!

  • Leila

    Lies and past just catching up. Hope she learns and moves on.

  • Guest

    Why on earth would one need to lie? So silly to do this. If you do not have the intellectual depth admit it but never, never, lie. Even t get a job.

  • AliceM

    Why would one need to lie? If you do not have the intellectual depth nor the papers, just play to your strengths and do what you can. But never, never lie. Even to get a job. Hard work always pays, and honesty is the best policy, always. Some Kenyans, so silly!



    • Lady Justice

      Yet others with real degrees either from Kenya or abroad are jobless…hmmmmn

  • Guest

    Probably she was investigated coz some kiuk wants her job now that UK is prezo and giving his people high profile jobs.

    • Perry

      Heeee, its very interesting how you magically connected the two issues: tribalism at its best.

      • Guest

        It is what it is. Kenya is synonymous with tribalism.

    • Butubla

      Idiot…. So RAO made her lie?

    • Thankless

      Very daft reasoning indeed. How you managed to connect Uhuru becoming president and someone being sacked because of fraud is a mystery only you can solve for us.

      • Gakii Alex

        thank you @Thankless,
        its depressing how deeply rooted our society is to mediocrity and tribalism that you cant even point out a fraud like this without any bullet being bounced back.
        Though, we still to get a meritocracy Govt, this is absolutely NOT related.

  • Rebecca Wanjiru

    What can we do to rid Kenya of this malady? We worship overseas degrees and overlook local ones THAT are often dismissed as half baked? Inferiority complex pap! The lady got a coveted job by just claiming to have a New York degree, no background checks, nothing! How many such cases still exist while poor Kenyans who persevered a local campus with all their attendant issues are selling roasted maize to our beloved president on the roadside and sweeping county market because their honors degree from Moi University and the rest cannot and will not land them a spot. Humph!

    • Martha Waruru

      As someone who has a local degree as well as an overseas one, I can tell you for a fact that the quality of overseas education, at least in developed nations, is much higher. Mediocrity in Kenya is rampant on all sectors from health, education, security, professionalism, even job hiring as this case demonstrates! That doesn’t mean however that I deserve to get a job more than you do. Just letting you know that overseas degrees are not ‘worshipped’ for nothing.

      • Andy


  • Boobytrap

    Alice had always been sneaky while in the states. She rocked with naija boy Obi. Guys of jersey know this too well (odudua & mahogany Newark ….hehehehe) and we all thought she rocked a cool gig at the UN. Very dodgy and being in NY Brooklyn shed make you believe she scaled corporate corridors till she wore the yellow jacket. Pole sana. We still hustling here booboo….stacking that paper. You play hookie when you know got your papers right. Holla!

  • Thomas

    The former CEO of Kenya Airways liked them ladies. Maybe he made some landings there and miraculously she got a job without showing her papers ! It works all the time !

  • Nancy Makinda

    Kindly Offer me that job position. Am an honest and result-oriented individual who has a valid degree in Mass Communications from a local University. Very willing to learn and deliver the best as a PR Manager. If you believe in me contact me via my email,[email protected]


  • tt

    This is embarrassment to KQ management.. this lady should take them to court.. just wondering who did she give a lap dance to get the job? now they are telling everyone how bad she is . in the first place they should have screen her before employing her. HR did not do her work and should take responsibility..


    Hahahahaha. There must have been some corrupt deals involved in this… shock!

  • oletip

    She must have passed some “interview” in some top managers office 😉

  • Ndaa

    If she was delivering as the PR of KQ then what is the big deal. What she did in the past is exactly that… IN THE PAST! Moving on!

  • Kwach Weldon

    accept and move on

  • isindu


  • victor koros

    What is a degree anyway? Nowadays they are so obsolete.
    Alice did all that she could to make ends end meet and just like any other bright person she was good at learning and positively delivered her job as PR.
    So stop vexing. She did her job thats all that maters. Papers nowadays are not a big deal.

    • mhalifu

      As much as it may appear contradiction, am pursueing a PhD and have taught at university for over 4years, I wholly agree with you. We have continued to churn out thousands of paper holders, esp with the so called school-based and paralell programmes and nothing to show for it.

    • As much as papers don’t matter, honesty is still a desired and valued virtue. Who knows, KQ might have still hired her if she had said the truth that she does not have the said academic qualifications. Who will believe a PR manager whose lies are well documented? That would have completely jeopardised the PR function of our national airline

  • Tabitha

    Why such a lie

  • Agrippah Odhiambo

    But if she has been delivery on her job well despite the lack of papers,why sack her?After all,we employ individuals who have the ability to deliver and not papers!!!

  • Kneller Osano

    hips dont lie

  • Phil Chola

    That was her past, judge her with her present

    • Her present is that she lied to get the job. Ethics matters

  • Samira Kamau

    i give her alot of thumps up…from a stripper(if its true) to KQ PR!!!and to imagine she managed to convince them to give her the jobs without the papers..i think she is both intelligent and beautiful.

  • Wathirari Karuti

    first was she the only one interviewed?….pr manager in KQ.That interview pannel which gave her the job should be rotting in jail.thats why KQ SHIP is sinking.THE LADY IS SMART.shd sue them.

  • Prince Clive OO


  • Andy

    Even graduates strip….and drive posh cars and also live in posh homes in USA. Actually they are polished and very healthy. Stripping is not like prostitution. Even others are married and living very comfortable life.

  • Mungai

    Depressing to see how so many do not see the integrity concerns. “If she did her job, what does it matter that she was a drug dealer in the past and lied about her qualifications”

    That’s the core problem we’re facing in today’s Kenya. No one see integrity as a necessity “bora kazi ifanyike”!

  • john owoyo

    I see this

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  • docotolo

    such are the crap contributing to persistent KQ losses