Betty kaplan

Veteran teacher and newspaper columnist, Betty Caplan, died on Sunday in London. Betty succumbed to terminal lung cancer which she was diagnosed with last month and given just 1 month to live. Betty was a long time columnist in the Daily Nation and recently wrote a piece for The Star while she was based in Istanbul Turkey. She also did a piece for The Guardian.

Apart from The Standard, Star and Daily Nation, she also previously contributed articles for the Guardian, New Statesman, T.E.S, the Financial Times, The East African, Guardian Weekly (all UK) and in Africa the Times of Zambia. She was also a playwright with some of her creations having featured at the Riverside Studios in London. She also produced learning tapes for East African Education Publishers (EAEP) and Longhorn Publishers.

She used to engage local icons like Binyavanga Wainaina in literary banter.

Betty was until recently working as a teacher at Bogazici University in Istanbul, Turkey until she fell ill. Her last column in Kenyan a newspaper was The Star’s “Letter from Instanbul” She leaves behind two grown-up daughters and grandchildren, who live in the UK.