Standard Media Group CEO Sam Shollei
Standard Media Group CEO Sam Shollei

Standard Group CEO is a man under siege. He has decided to officially play to the tunes of his masters at State House. He has thrown media objectivity aside to force editors and journalists to suck up to the people at the House on the Hill. Any staff who is not comfortable with the move or dare ask him questions he feels uncomfortable are promptly shown the door.

Sam Shollei is killing the Standard Group in a way that didn’t happen even when Moi was President. Already he has force the Mohammed Ali to edit the Jicho Pevu expose on 2013 Ballot irregularities that the final piece to be shown soon will look like a child’s play thing.

So he recently organised a staff meeting where he discussed Mark Kapchanga, Kipkoech Tanui and Chacha Mwita all through. He, without much idea about journalism, decided that for Mark Kapchanga to write about the Ksh 100 million State House spend at Mt Kenya Safari Lodge, Mark had to officially introduce himself to the management. If the article had some accuracies, the CEO had to apologise to the aggrieved. That is Sam Shollei’s journalism and his unethical way is the only way at Standard Group.

Most journalist and editors are not happy. Some are planning something which will shock the group. There is a small group of unhead brave journalists. They plan to show Sam Shollei that he is wrong. In the meantime, listen to the recording through this linkĀ 

  • Gladys the BoSs

    Why does this guy base his decisions on social media rumours?

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    its not yet uhuru