KBC has a restaurant inside the Kijabe Street compound called Abondoz. It is owned and managed by the Abondoz group which also run a similar restaurant in Luther Plaza along Nyerere Road.

KBC staff who have been exclusively taking their morning tea and lunch meals from the restaurant have complained of food poisoning that they thought that something is very wrong with the restaurant. One staff member discovered that water served during meals is from the main toilet.

Abondoz Waitress seen collecting water to serve patrons

A KBC journalist secretly photographed one Abondoz waitress collecting water in jugs ready to serve to patrons. Now the KBC staff are demanding that changes be made. Besides the senior and junior staff at KBC, the restaurant all serves Mediamax, BBC and other employees from the nearby establishments.

Mediamax’s Tom Mboya, Belinda Obura, Peter Opondo and Tony Timase frequent the restaurant.

  • Anthony Kalume

    I used to eat in there but….????

    • bill

      I my house their is only one pipe that comes from the supplier then is distributed some to the Kitchen some to the toilet. Why would it be different at this establishment?

  • Ras Tus ‘I’.

    wololooloolo yaayeee

  • mane

    mavi wewe