Kwame Bonsu and Yvonne

Kiss TV has a show called Live on Blast. The hosts are Model Aqua Bonsu’s brother Kwame Bonsu and Yvonne Chege. They are always backed up by DJ Hypnotiq (one of the best DJs in the country).

So Yvonne and Kwame have chemistry on set but also in real life. They are so attracted to each other. Things got heated this past week that they decided to satisfy the Omieri and Nam Lolwe in the parking lot. They just didn’t realise that they provided free movie to the poor G4S guards who are always manning Lion Place 24/7.

Now everyone who spots them in the office cannot stop smiling to themselves. Yvonne is a crazy one. She seems to be the one whose VJJ never gets satisfied. See here here missing sand in her VJJ.