Uganda’s Gaetano Kagwa, best known for nothing more than having sex on LIVE TV was set to be the Head of TV at Radio Africa. He has reportedly declined the position giving no more reason than just that it is too much for his inexperienced self. Gaetano was set to replace Makari Kituyi who is currently serving his resignation notice and is set to go into private business.

The down-to-earth but very hardworking Makari Kituyi is the elder son of the UNCTAD boss and former Minister Mukhisa Kituyi.

When Gaetano Kagwa was announced as his replacement, most staff at Radio Africa laughed this off with many terming it as the joke of the season. In fact they thought that it would have been great to start a TV show on Kiss TV called “Boss Gaetano” which would have done better than having the master romper head the now alive and kicking Kiss TV.

An advert is currently running on the star calling on potential candidates to apply for the position.

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