Teacher Wanjiku

We EXCLUSIVELY revealed to you here that Teacher Wanjiku was moving to Citizen TV with her husband Victor Ber as the new director for her show Wanjiku the Teacher. The show was pulled off the air after failing to impress anyone at Royal Media. I wonder how anyone would have allowed such a show on air. The biggest surprise is that Teacher Wanjiku was never formally informed of the decision to withdraw the show from Citizen TV but it was communicated to her through a blog post.

The greatest let down to Teacher Wanjiku is Victor Ber. He thinks that Teacher Wanjiku has made it and so doesn’t need the Churchils or Royal Media Services of this world. ┬áVictor has been making unreliastic demands on any corporate or platform owner who has shown interest in working with Teacher Wanjiku. He recently demanded Ksh 20 million for a brand awareness campaign despite not being able to show what Teacher Wanjiku would deliver.

Teacher wanjiku is already back onto Churchill Show where she has been welcomed with open arms.