Former VP, Kalonzo Musyoka, was in some unspecified mission in South Sudan recently. His Fokker plane then made a mistake of landing at a rebel controlled airstrip in the war torn nation. He was forced to ditch it and the plane was only released after 7 days.

The visit seems to have been Kenyan government sanctioned as it took the intervention of key people in Uhuru’s government for the plane to be released. The plane landed in Nassir, Upper Nile State.

But the rebels are reportedly not happy as it has been reported that Kenya is set to lead an IGAD intervention force which is expected to counter the rebels and stabilise the young nation. Already Kenyan aid workers in areas like Nassir in South Sudan have been ordered out with the situation becoming volatile. The Kenyans have also had their Thuraya Satellite phones and vital communication equipement taken away by the rebels.