The biggest and richest hip hop name has also joined the Lupita Nyong’o praise bandwagon as Jay Electronica featured him in the remix of the ‘We Made It’ track. In the track Jay-Z aka Hov raps;

I’m on my Lupita Nyong’o
Stuntin’ on stage, got the 12 Years A Slave
This Ace of Spades look like an Oscar
Black tux, look like a mobster
Don’t make me RRRRAA yah, nigga watch your tone

Hov also dissed Drake while rapping;

Sorry mister Drizzy for so much art talk
Silly me rappin’ ’bout shit that I really bought
Why these rappers rap about guns they ain’t shot?
And a bunch of other silly shit that they ain’t got

Listen below

Now watch Junior, Lupita’s brother, react to Jay-Z mention of his sister;