Dennis and Betty

NTV’s Dennis Okari is slated for a major appointment at BBC. The former Kiss TV presenter and now NTV reported is expected to join the BBC London team for training for a continental post which might see him be the next authoritative voice telling the African stories like Komlar Dumor did.

Dennis who is “married” to the voluptuous KTN presenter, Betty Kyalo, presented his last assignment at NTV last night igniting a strong social media reaction. The Foul Winds documentary about terrorists and terror cells at the Coast earning the presenter accolades and some barbs online.

Betty is 6 – 7 months pregnant and Dennis will soon be a proud dad. The couple didn’t want to tie the knot and struggle to have a child as they both feel strongly that their union would be blessed and held stronger with a child in between.

We wish Dennis Okari well.