Wahu and NamelessNameless

Kenya’s most celebrated and long lasting singing couple Wahu and Nameless might be in that season when they have string personal issues to deal with.

Friends of the couple are questioning the paternity of their last born daughter, Nyakio. Wahu is reported to have revealed to a close confidant that the child was not sired by Nameless a rumour which leaked to the media. She had to face questions recently when she appeared on a TV interview even offering to clear that air about the issue despite the host not asking about it.

Wahu offered that Nameless is and will always be the only father to her kids despite the doubts she created when she spoke to her friend. The couple has face temptations with Nameless known to be a bit on the randy side while Wahu is mostly known to revenge on Nameless by sleeping with Nameless’s friends. 

Wahu offered in the interview;

“Yes, there was a time that my marriage was in trouble. We are a normal couple and we go through issues just like any other couple, but get me right, those were just misunderstandings and nothing like a divorce was in the offing.

We disagreed on various issues but we ironed them out. Although we were angry at each other during that time, we still talked unlike other couples who don’t speak to each other in weeks or even months despite living together.

Thank God, that is all behind us now. We are stronger than ever and please, the father of my children is and will always be, Nameless.” 

Is the couple happy or is their world crumbling? Is Wahu a Liar like she sang?