FB Email Address

Facebook has in a very quit manner, shut down its unpopular email system claiming that “most people haven’t been using their Facebook email address.”

The system launched in 2010, gave all Facebook users @facebook.com email addresses. The social network was criticised by tech pundits when it changed its @facebook.com email address as the default email address for all Facebook users. The email address was generated from the vanity url which users gets by visiting www.facebook.com/username.

With the discontinuation, all emails sent to an “@facebook.com” address will be forwarded to the users personal email address used in signing up for the social networking site.

The changes will gradually happen from early March.

Facebook recently acquired instant messaging platform, Whatsapp for $19 Billion. At the Mobile World Congress, Facebook CEO Mike Zuckerberg said that Whatsapp valuation is above $19 Billion so it is not an expensive buy.