President Uhuru Kenyatta’s son, Muhoho Kenyatta is said to be dating Moi’s grand daughter (Phillip Moi’s daughter), Tallisa Moi. They have been spotted at different functions having a good time with the young couple really enjoying time together.

Muhoho is a student at Braeburn School doing his A-Levels while Tallisa is a student at St. Andrews University in United Kingdom. The university is famous as is it the same university where Prince William and Kate Middleton went to.

The couple are publicly showing their love on Instagram where they together with a circle of who-is-who’s kids have a presence. Muhoho Kenyatta, Tallisa Moi and Rossana Moi all have a presence on the photo sharing socila media platform. Other prominent figures are Kabogo’s son and Kristina Pratt’s kids. They can be seen sharing photos of themselves clubbing and having a good time.


    wacheni watoi wa masonko wadate.

  • Upende_Usipende

    Si ata sisi rahia wakawaida tuna fanyana nyana nyana. Kwani nini ka hao si special. Kitu ni ile ile.

  • shillings

    Look at the next generation of your leaders – Kenyans. House of Kenyatta and House of Moi are ready to mingle a dynasty formation.

  • psalm fansy

    DATING? that’s nice

  • dj lucky jnr

    let them date each other they might be our next leaders

  • odhise edward

    Ati Kenya ina wenyewe 🙂 They could easily lead the country in the next 15 years or so, while you and I will never smell even being an MPIG- ‘you and I’ means the local hustler from some 3rd rate polytechnic turned university.

  • charles

    birds of the same feathers fly together…..i wish them well

  • charles

    na wa DP anadate nani kama ako single am ready

  • Mary muthumbi

    let them be. i wish i ad a chance………ops