Teacher Wanjiku

There has been talk on why Teacher Wanjiku quit the Churchill Show. Some have claimed that the show’s executive producer demanded money from her Airtel Kenya earnings. Some have said that success got into her head.

What we can reveal is that nobody chased Teacher Wanjiku from the Churchill Show. According to artists who have worked under Laugh Industry, “Teacher Wanjiku thinks that she is at her peak and so she doesn’t need Churchill Show.”

“She thinks that with Victor Ber who is her husband and also ‘a producer’, she can go places,” the artist added. “Anaona amefika. She is a star now and she can handle herself.”

Teacher Wanjiku apparently earned Ksh 1,5 million from the Airtel endorsement “which is peanuts to Laugh Industry,” the source revealed.  She earned a further Ksh 750,000 from the Blue Band endorsement.

According to the show insiders, Laugh Industry has never demanded money from her or any other artist. All the over 60 comedians under Laugh Industry get paid between Ksh 30,000 and 40,000 whether they attend Churchill Show recordings or not. With attendance, they earn even more.

But Daniel Ndambuki of Churchill Show is said to be happy for her and wish her success. He is reported to be interested in producing talent now and not competing with upcoming talent. He has reportedly told all comedians under his stable to give her support whether her show will be successful or not.

Citizen TV has already signed Teacher Wanjiku giving her a show which she will host. The initial show will be 55 episodes. It might be the most foolish move by Teacher Wanjiku but maybe she has some magic she will perform to successfully pull off a 55 episodes show.


Victor Ber will produce the Teacher Wanjiku show on Citizen TV.