Samsung Road App

South Korean phone maker Samsung has today launched an app which discourages use of smartphone while driving. The Android mobile app prevents you from texting while driving.

The app which is available currently only Singapore might be rolled outside Asia as Samsung is exploring its full potential.

The “Eyes on the Road” app uses your smartphone’s sensor fusion technology and GSM cell towers to measure your speed to determine if you’re driving. If you are, it hides phone calls, SMS text messages, and social media alerts until you reach your destination. 

What if you are a passenger in a fast moving vessel? The app might just block you from accessing the same.

The app blocks you from accessing texts if you are traveling above 20 kilometers per hour speed. It then sends out an auto reply to text messages, saying that you are driving. The app also rewards you for engaging in “mobile free driving” by unlocking rewards like fuel vouchers and insurance premium discounts.