Kidero Invites then Humiliates Raila at the Governor’s Ball

The truth must be said however painful. Kidero is growing balls and not balls which will help him. First, know that I hated the candidature of Kidero. He will never help Nairobi, the country or his supporters. He is engaged in trivialities and pettiness. His arrogance and the above-the-roof ego cannot be matched by any living politician’s.

So Evans Kidero personally called Raila to attend the Governor’s ball at the KICC 11th December (eve of the Kenya@50 celebrations). He called more than once and personally signed the invite which was delivered to Raila. He even insisted that Raila arrive at the event by 6PM.

Raila did well and arrived at the function by 6PM. Kidero was laying a trap to personally embarrass Raila and make sure that he is “put into his rightful place.”.

Raila was accompanied by his security and his son Fidel. He was allocated seat number 24 which was far at the back near the entrance. Raila waited for the President to arrive. The president didn’t arrive at the event until sometime after 10PM. Around 9PM, Raila decided to leave before the arrival of the President trying to avoid further embarrassment.

A junior staffer from Kidero’s office ran after Raila and begged him to stay as it will embarrass the Governor. The junior staffer told Raila that they also didn’t approve the treatment of Raila but they thought that it won’t be good for him to leave.

When Uhuru arrived, Raila who was sitting close to the entrance at the back welcomed him and Uhuru invited him to walk with him towards the front. On reaching the front, Raila had no seat and so another City Council employee saw the need to respect him and brought him a seat which had nowhere to be placed so it was taken to the further end of the queue where it was so dusty and filthy that Fidel cried wondering why his dad had to go through all that.

In the end, Kidero managed to properly embarrass Raila. But you will see Kidero come with some lame excuse and say how this is not how it is. He will try some petty excuse like he kicked his balls. There are people who can believe that and take it lying down. Kidero will NEVER and cannot be compared to Raila. Given a choice between Kidero and Raila, I will choose Raila because of what he has done to the country. He has personally suffered to have me enjoy some of the freedoms Kidero and others want to make sure that we don’t enjoy.

Kidero was a senior employee of Nation Media Group. One time during the clamour to remove Moi in 2002, Kidero who was the Managing Director of Nation Media’s Newspaper Division was approached by friends of Rainbow Coalition who thought that Daily Nation was giving the Rainbow Coalition bad press especially Raila. So when they went to his office, Kidero didn’t let them finish what they wanted to say and told them, “Aol gi siasa joka Odinga. Wuog uru e ofisa.”

When ODM gave him the ticket to be Gubernatorial candidate in the Nairobi race, an aspirant (a Kikuyu) who was in ODM informed the ODM top brass on what TNA was planning with Kidero. Raila did not listen and this is what is hapening now.

Kidero has no integrity which can be relied upon. He is arrogant, careless and corrupt. At the helm of Mumias Sugar, Kidero started a company which was importing Sugar and branding the same imported Sugar as Mumias Sugar. The imported SUgar brought the Sugar compay to its knees. When a journalist attempted to tell the story of the Mumias SUgar and Kidero, he was given Ksh 7 million as bribe. The former journalist is now an MP in Lugari and a key partner of Evans Kidero in a sugar importing company.

Kidero need to stop taking Kenyans for granted. He should stop embarassing Raila. Raila is not playing in his league.


Written by Robert

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