A controversial US church is out again with negative tweets and videos during the Mandela memorial. In a series of tweets, the Westboro which plans to picket during Mandela’s burial claim that Mandela has been sent to hell for adultery, due to his divorce of his first wife Evelyn, and his marriages to the “wild murderess” Winnie Mandela, and the “young widow” Graca Machel.

“Mandela’s in hell! Evelyn his wife. Bare him 2 sons. He fooled around & threw her out like trash. 1 Son died in crash. The other of AIDS”

The church criticised the media and other world leaders for treating Mandela like an icon. They tweeted,

“Look for 60 minutes to do lying puff piece on Nelson Mandela pretending he’s holy. They’re awful sin-enabling liars”


“Barack Obama spend millions worshiping Mandela’s dead carcass. The true religion of doomed broke idolatrous USA”

The church claim that Mandela is burning in hell with Ghandhi, John Lennon, Cory Montieth, Lou Reed, Mathew Shepherd, Steve Jobs, Whitney Houston, and any dead person who wasn’t a member of Westboro Baptist church.

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  • Naomi

    How do you know Nelson Mandela didn’t give his life up to God in the final days of his life? How do you know Nelson Mandele NEVER prayed? Who the hell are YOU to judge a man lest you be judged yourself?
    Preach on if you must but keep your racist rants to yourself.
    Thank you


    Nelson Mandela DID pray, he was a Methodist.

  • v0idwalker

    I just love hearing bullcrap like this. With all the love Mandela is being shown by the world, i was waiting for that one group of people who would criticise him for sonething stupid, and i was not disappointed. XD