Gangster rapper Jayceon Terrell Taylor aka “The Game” has further added some ink to his already so tattooed body. As the world mourns Mandela, The Game decided that he is not going to do it in a temporary way. He has tattooed a great image of Mandela on his body.

He showed what he did through his instagram saying, ” #NelsonMandela #RIP #Legend #Leader #Freedom #Peace #Equality #Tattoos #SouthAfrica.”

This is not the first time The Game is doing this for people he admire. He recently tattooed the image of the slain 17-year-old Trayvon Martin. He was also in the news recently raising money for the slain 7-year old Talaib Pecante, killed by suspected gang gunfire in a drive-by.

This is the tattoo he inked on his body.

the game