fly emirates

The embattled KQ CEO is in the new for the wrongs things. Now a former senior employee he sacked has taken him to court for stripping him naked just because he wore his favourite football team’s jersey during a staff get together. He allege that he was wearing an Arsenal T-Shirt with the “Fly Emirates” wordings which angered his boss as the T-Shirt promotes a rival airline.

Kepha Bosire, formerly the Corporate Communications Manager, was having a good time during a party during the Maasai Mara Lemeck Conservancy marathon which is title sponsored by KQ.

In the suit filed at a Nairobi court, Naikuni and Kenya Airways are both named as respondents though none of them have responded to the allegations in court or otherwise. In the suit, Kepha allege that several guests at the party witnessed the incident. A journalist with Nation Media who witnessed the incident refused to publish the altercation because he fears for his job as his editors do not approve of him telling the truth about what happened.

Kepha is represented by Musyoki Mogaka and Company in the lawsuit in which he claim that the KQ CEO violated his rights through the public humiliation. He is also seeking damages for unfair dismissal.