Apple vs Samsung

Taiwan’s Fair Trade Commission on Thursday fined South Korea’s Samsung Electronics Co. for paying trolls to bash Taiwanese mobile phone maker HTC online.

Through a notice it posted on its website, the consumer protection body said that Samsung had organized an Internet troll campaign in violation of fair trade rules to demonise HTC while praising Samsung smartphones.

The FTC slapped Samsung with a fine of $340,000 or Taiwan dollars 10 million. Earlier this year the consumer body  fined Samsung NT$300,000 for misleading consumers about the camera functions on its Galaxy Y Duos GT-S6102 phone.

It’s a little odd and shameful that Samsung would organise an anti-HTC troll campaign given that the Taiwanese phone maker is nowhere close to catching up with it in marketing. Samsung might be jealous at the quality of HTC smartphones which cannot be compared to the former’s pathetic plastic offerings.

Given that Samsung has been found guilty of organising trolls to bash HTC, you would imagine what it is doing to iPhone and all others it considers are enemies.