I am not an alarmist but I would wish to share a possible theory with you concerning the terror attack.

Of course please keep my identity private i dislike publicity.please.

Here it goes.

I have been thinking and analyzing the Westgate terror attack and i ran some certain facts and possibilities.

Like 1.did you know that the 2 major terror incidents i.e. the 1998 and Westgate came immediately after an election?

2.did you know that the 1998 bomb blast came 221 days after the election date i.e. (29/12/97–7/8/98)

3.Did you know that the Westgate attack came 201 days after the election date i.e. ( 4/3/13-21/9/13)

Notice how the number of days are almost similar so assuming the terrorists wanted to imitate the 1998 blast then 221 days after would have been october 10th-11th

I dug into any significance of the october 10th date to the muslim and guess what,initially 10th october in the muslim Calender is call THE DAY OF ASHURA. A remembrance day to the grandson of prophet Muhamad who was martyred but this year it will be observed in november

see link.

so it got me thinking with the ongoing threats by AlShaabab,would they again attempt to hit us on october 10th? Just asking. What do you think?